Restaurant Review: Dinner at Be Our Guest

I did most of the research on the various dining options for our Disney Global Tour. I’m a bit of a foodie, whereas AJ doesn’t care that much about food. However, he was the one who was curious about Be Our Guest. It’s one of the most sought-after reservations in all of Disney World.

When it came time to make dining reservations, that was one of the first ones he tried to get, just to see what all the fuss was about. We ended up with two reservations there for our day in the Magic Kingdom – one for lunch at around noon, and one for dinner at around 4:10.

Neither option was ideal. Be Our Guest doesn’t have table service for breakfast or lunch, and 4:10 is pretty early for dinner. But AJ was tenacious and kept checking periodically to see if anything had opened up. Eventually, we ended up with a 7:10 dinner reservation, which was a perfect time. We cancelled the other two reservations.

A faux stained-glass mural featuring a princess in a yellow dress, a prince in a blue tux coat, and a large red rose

A Dark and Stormy Night

Not that long before our reservation, we got caught out in one of Orlando’s short-lived torrential downpours. Becky and Jason were smart and had long rain ponchos with them. AJ and I had our rain jackets, which don’t offer very much coverage. My skirt and AJ’s shorts were completely soaked through. As he usually does, AJ was wearing quick-drying hiking shorts. My skirt was not-so-quick-drying.

We headed over to Main Street to see if we could find any sort of pants or shorts for me to wear. Fun fact: the Magic Kingdom does not sell any sort of women’s pants or shorts anywhere on Main Street. The only pants they had of were XXL men’s pajama pants.

So, I was stuck in the air conditioning at dinner in very uncomfortable wet clothing. That doesn’t really have anything to do with the restaurant, but it does add a little color to the story.

A blonde woman gives a frustrated look while sitting in a grand ballroom
Tired, wet, freezing, and hungry. Feeling great!

The Theming

This is a very large restaurant that’s located in Fantasyland. The idea is that diners are guests of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

The Grand Ballroom, where we ate, is a sprawling room with dazzling chandeliers and animated “windows” with falling snow behind them. There are two other rooms as well: The West Wing, complete with slashed portrait and glass-enclosed rose, and The Castle Gallery, which didn’t have very many special touches, as far as we could tell, other than a large statue music box thing with Belle and the Beast.

Guests have the opportunity for a photo with the Beast during or after their meals. Why is he the Beast, though? Didn’t he change back into the Prince at the end of the movie? Also, why is Ariel still a mermaid, and why does Rapunzel still have long hair?

But I digress…

We took some pictures with the Beast between our appetizer and main course. He stands in a separate room, where a PhotoPass photographer is on hand to capture the moment. I’m really sad that we can’t post our pictures here, because they’re pretty hilarious. AJ is quite the jokester. Alas, because our blog is monetized, we aren’t allowed to post PhotoPass pictures. They’re only licensed for personal use.

A bearded man in a Spartan t-shirt smiles while sitting in a grand ballroom
AJ is feeling fine!

The Food

Dinner at Be Our Guest is $55 for a prix fixe menu ($35 for kids). They have a few different choices for the appetizer and the main course, and everyone gets the same dessert.

I had a mixed green salad for my appetizer, trying to satisfy my health-conscious side. It was not bad, but my problem with it was that it had a very sweet brittle all over the top of it. Can’t I at least have a salad without sugar on it? Come on, Disney! AJ’s appetizer was a lobster bisque, which was tasty and rich.

A soup bowl with an deep orange-colored liquid and a swirl of white cream
Very tasty lobster bisque

For the main course, AJ had the corn and ricotta tortellini. He liked it, but I thought it was pretty bland when I tried it. I guess you could say it was light and subtle. My filet mignon was seasoned much better and came with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.

A black plate with colorful vegetables, tortellini, and a broth
AJ’s subtle and light tortellini

The dessert was a trio of small dishes. The first was a raspberry macaron with real raspberries in the center, which was actually the best of the three. I think it had some lemon in it to really make the raspberry flavor pop. The second was a Grand Marnier dark chocolate truffle. I thought that the Grand Marnier was way too overpowering. The third dessert was a little white chocolate Chip cup filled with the “grey stuff,” which it turns out is some sort of Oreo mousse.

A blue-bordered rectangular plate with a chocolate truffle, a white chocolate cup, and a raspberry macaron
The trio of desserts

The food was pretty solid, overall. For any other place, it was overpriced. But, this is Disney, and you’re paying for the theming and the Beast meet-and-greet as well.

The Service

We waited over an hour between our appetizer and our main course. We saw people who had arrived after us eat and then leave. Our server came over to let us know that our food was just about ready, and then a few minutes later he came back and said it would be a little while yet. He suggested we go take pictures with the Beast while we were waiting, which we did. It was still a very long time after that when the food finally arrived.

We told them at the beginning of the meal that Jason has a cocoa allergy, which we probably should have let them know ahead of time. I’m not really sure how that would have affected the main course, though, unless they were really concerned about cross-contamination. My best guess is that the ticket for our main course got lost somehow, and they were just delayed in making it. That, or someone dropped the tray and they had to start over.

In any case, nobody was too apologetic about it, nor did they offer us any sort of compensation. We heard the fireworks booming outside as we were eating our dessert. Thankfully, we had already seen the show and weren’t planning to go again. We kept ourselves pretty entertained while we were waiting, and we didn’t complain to anyone about the wait. Even so, I think some sort of acknowledgement would have been nice.

Several white chocolate cups filled with grey mousse

Course by Course! One by One!

If you or your child loves Beauty and the Beast, a dinner at Be Our Guest is probably worth it. The food is pretty good, and it’s fun to be able to eat in such a grand setting and do the meet-and-greet. I’m sure our experience with the service isn’t the norm.

If you don’t love Beauty and the Beast, or you’re just curious what all the fuss is about, I’d suggest skipping it or opting for breakfast or lunch instead of dinner. Just know that you can only get a picture with the Beast at dinner.


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