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Restaurant Review: 50’s Prime Time Café

We didn’t have any set dinner plans for our day at Hollywood Studios. I guess we figured we’d just play it by ear and probably opt for quick service. As it turned out, we’d done pretty much everything there is to do by before dinner and had some extra time to kill.

AJ had been to the 50’s Prime-Time Café a few years ago and thought it would be a good choice if we could get a reservation. We turned to the My Disney Experience app to see if one was available. There was one reservation left, and it was at a perfect time to give us enough time to eat before the Fantasmic show.

A small wooden mid-century style coffee table, a wooden bookshelf with several books, flowered wallpaper, and a scone

The Theming

The restaurant is made to look like an American home in the 1950’s, and the waiting room really hits the mark on that theming. The entry area is a huge “kitchen,” while the waiting areas near the bar consist of several groupings of living room furniture, complete with various knick-knacks and other tied-in décor from the era.

Once at your table, the main feature is, of course, a television. We didn’t pay super close attention to what they were showing, but I know it was various TV shows from, you guessed it, the 1950’s. At one point we did notice that they were showing a clip from the original Mickey Mouse Club.

A man and a woman in casual clothing sit on a love seat amid 50’s-style decor

The Food

The menu is all about comfort food. AJ ordered fried chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. The chicken was crispy and juicy, and there was a lot of it. The portion sizes are very generous at this restaurant.

Fried chicken, a scoop of mashed potatoes covered with gravy, and corn on a white plate

I had pot roast with mashed potatoes, green beans, and carrots. The pot roast was really tender, and everything was well-seasoned. I wished it came with just a little more gravy. The green beans and carrots were pretty much an afterthought. It would have been nice to have a little less meat and a few more veggies. I’m probably in the minority with that opinion.

A large portion of pot roast atop mashed potatoes and gravy, topped with strips of carrots and green beans

We shared an apple crisp for dessert. It was super sweet with a lot of sauce and didn’t have very much crumble topping on it. It was not a dessert that leaves you thinking, “oh yeah, that was totally worth it.”

It’s a little on the pricey side, although not bad compared to other table service restaurants at Walt Disney World. The entrées run about $17-22 each.

The Service

The service is where this restaurant really shines. Somehow the servers manage to be sassy without ever being rude. They’re not afraid to really act like parents.

We waited for a little while in the living room-styled waiting area. Then a hostess called out our party’s name really loudly in her best mom voice. “Time for dinner!”

Our server told us to keep our elbows off the table. When he came back later, AJ pointed out that Jason had his elbows back on the table. He told AJ to quit tattling or he’d put him in a corner. He also told us to put our “walkie talkies” away (aka cell phones). When I was looking for the bathroom, the server I asked for directions reminded me to wash my hands.

The server for the tables closest to us challenged her whole section to name every one-word Disney and/or Pixar feature. Did you know there are 26? We helped them a bit, but even we couldn’t think of every one. Does anyone remember Ponyo? We didn’t.

A nighttime exterior of a diner restaurant with green, yellow, and red neon lights and a sign that reads “50’s Prime Time Cafe”

It’s not the best place for health food, but if you’re looking for some of Mom’s cooking and a really fun atmosphere, 50’s Prime Time Café is a good bet.

What’s your favorite place to eat at Hollywood Studios?

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